10/10/2014 Cammish's learning curve

Despite a challenging debut season in the 2014 Avon Tyres British GT Championship, 2013 Formula Ford champion Dan Cammish looks to a long term future in sportscar racing after an enjoyable campaign.


Having spent the season behind the wheel of the #44 Team Parker Racing Porsche 911 GT4 alongside team-mate Barrie Baxter, Cammish saw a season best result at Brands Hatch with fourth as he narrowly missed out on a season first podium.


While both drivers were quick, replicating the qualifying pace in the race proved to be challenging.


“In race trim, the car is very difficult despite the potential that the lap times are showing,” he said. “Barrie isn’t the most experienced driver, but he’s done well this year. We did well at Brands Hatch in what was a very competitive grid.”


The challenges of GT racing marked a contrasting season to his single seater career, where wins came regularly for the talented driver.


“It’s been a tough year, I’ve had a lot of success in single seaters and I’ve been quick in British GT as I’ve shown in qualifying laps,” reflected Cammish. “I could have had three poles this season, but I’ve had to settle for one.”


While many would be deterred by the learning curve, the season has reaffirmed Cammish’s commitment to continue in sportscar racing.


“GT racing is my future because it’s so enjoyable,” he said. “I’ve watched from afar for a few years and once I started I realised the appeal of it. It can be hard to follow from the outside, but in the race there’s so much excitement going on at once. The spectacle is great, especially cars in GT3 trim. They’re works of art.”


With the season now over, Cammish is looking forward to once again getting behind the wheel of a Porsche, this time in the Carrera Cup.


“In the offseason, I’m racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup, hoping for a win to end my season,” said Cammish. “Then I’ll enjoy the winter off!”


Looking further into the future, with a British GT return possible, Cammish is clear on where he wants his career to progress.


“The spectacle of GT racing is great, especially cars in GT3 trim,” said the Brit. “They’re works of art, I’m looking forward to getting in one which is my aim for next year. It might be in British GT, it might not be.”