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British GT Championship


SRO Ltd, 110 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RA, England
Tel : +44 207 259 2598
Fax : +44 207 370 4950

SRO London
British GT Championship Manager
Benjamin Franassovici

Tel: 0207 8352573
email: benjamin@sro.co.uk

Fuel Supplier
Anders Hildebrand

Tel: 01929 555970
email: anders@aaoil.co.uk

Richard Hay

Tel: 0190 5794 411
email: richard@hayfisher.com

Tyre Supplier
Hanna Lehtinen

Tel: 07557119804
email: hanna.lehtinen@pirellif1.com

SRO London
Tom Hornsby

SRO London
British GT Team Coordinator
Lauren Granville

Tel: 0207 835 2578
email: lgranville@sro.co.uk

SRO London
Lauren Granville

Tel: 0207 8352578
email: lgranville@sro.co.uk

SRO London
British GT Press Officer
Tom Hornsby